19 January 2011

I Take Pictures of Food

I was super excited about my breakfast this morning. I just had to take a picture and share. Then my roommate asked me if I knew what a "spinster" is...and that word is not in my vocabulary. The only thing I can relate is "fabulously single blogger who occasionally takes pictures of her food"...and in the blog world it's totally normal.

Breakfast: Steal cut oats cooked in unsweetened vanilla almond milk, with Pumpkin Pie and Cardammon spice. Raspberries and agave nectar on top. Healthy, delicious and with enough sugar to make me happy it's morning. I kind of rock...did you know?


  1. that looks... incredible. you should totally make me breakfast sometime - and soon. just saying, cooking for two is so much more fun than for one, you'll see!

  2. Per the Poor Me plan, I'd be happy to make you breakfast, come on over lady :) Maybe some Sat or Sun, we'll have a brunch party at my house! xx

  3. you provide the cheap foodz, and i'll bring the mimosa fixins! just say when. :)