26 August 2015

Wednesday: What I'm Lovin' On

I just made that up. That title probably makes it sound like this will be a weekly feature. It won't be. I'm not that organised...yet. Just you wait. Once I figure out how to be one of those organised people...WORLD DOMINATION. Till then I just have a few things I've been loving lately and I'd like to share.

1. Cheese. I was all "giving you up cheese for the week leading up to my London trip. You're in my life too much, f*ing with my calorie count for the day. How dare you." That lasted an agonising 36 hours. Silly me. Cheese is the best thing ever. NEVER LEAVE ME CHEESE. Especially you Gouda. And you, Aged Cheddar.

2. Bloggers on Snapchat. That's right folks. Bloggers are getting naked for followers. The end is nigh. ... I am totally kidding about that. I really don't want to know so much about a blogger that I can tell you what their bits look like., though I'm sure they're lovely. Bloggers are, in fact, using Snapchat to connect on the daily with their followers and I am digging it. Currently my favs are (listed as their Snapchat handle to easily add): poppyloves (Poppy Loves London),  omghellogemma (Hello Gemma), tricia_rosas (Patricia Parisienne), and patriciabfrance (Patricia Baret in France). And I'm not going to lie to you, I only read Poppy and Patricia B's blogs. Gemma and Patricia Parisienne I follow on Instagram. Some people I enjoy on Instagram best because they have so much going on that I can't keep up and instead I like to get little bits from them. Thank you Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat for limiting people. Snapchat story is such a quick sneaky peak into someone else's life. And if other bloggers want to start, even though you can't prove to others who's following you, it's still fun because you can see who is viewing your Snap stories. I am addicted.
I use my Snapchat to make only one really good ace joke a year. That's it. AND YOU MISSED IT. Maybe you should come be friends with me on Snapchat and not feel the fool next time: lindsaydinsyday

3.I'm heading to London next Monday night and will land on English soil on Tuesday morning. I AM SO DAMN EXCITED.
Me, on a visit in 2012
Plans are being made to hang out with friends and I have a very, very long list of food I need to eat. PRIORITIES! Food, then friends....I mean....friends than food. Preferably friends with food. Yeah, that'd be good.

4. I got a bike for my birthday and she is absolutely wonderful! Yes she. And yes she has a name: Bella Blu. Because I am just that kind of girl. Experiencing my corner of DC on a bike is making things a little bit brighter these days. And I need all the bright happy things I can get.

5. My little sister sending me photos of my family dog hard at work at the family business.
"Hello, Charles speaking..." "Umm sir, that's a banana." "Well that attitude is going to get you NOWHERE in this company! You have to beeeeeeelieve!"
6. My parents came down to DC recently to help my brother and his wife move apartments. I love having family down here. I don't want to live in upstate New York and wish my whole family would just move where ever I lived. So come on guys, let's all figure out UK visa's! Let's go!
Moving is hard. Moving requires beer.

7. Before my parents left we all had breakfast at Ted's Bulletin and I got to enjoy being the only person there on time for once. It's an amazing feeling not being the one who's late. I would like to make that feeling happen more often. Also I rewarded myself with coffee and a Ted's salted caramel tart. So. Freaking. Good. Their pastry tarts (technically a pop tart but I don't think they're allowed to call them that officially) have two or three main flavours all the time and then they have seasonal ones rotating. Salted caramel is a seasonal one and it was divine. Also, a sugar bomb. But once in a while is okay right?

Anything you're lovin' on right now? Especially food things. Send me your food porn on Snapchat....cause that's what it was created for right? RIGHT?!

In innocence, yours,

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  1. I'm gonna need you to explain snapchat to me because I'm not entirely sure how it works! x