23 August 2015

Things As Of Late

Right this very moment I am eating Stilton cheese infused with candied lemon peel and it is fucking delicious. I am also considering going to get a donut and coffee because those are two things DC does very well. (HOW MUCH have you missed my blog updates, world? I bet you've been sitting there thinking...'Gee, I wonder what Lindsay has eaten today or is considering eating?' Maybe you should check out my Instagram account, mmm? Lots of really horrible food pictures there. Lots of opportunity to be the creepy, creepy life stalkers we all know we are but only admit to in therapy.)

I want to get back into the blogging game as I've always taken such delight in it and some of my funniest material comes out best in blog format. Also, Amanda is back at the British Bake Off Bake Along blog posts (say that twenty times fast) and those are always my favourites. Which means I must get back into a regular blog reading, if not blog posting.

I am back in America and let me tell you....repatriating is a bitch. Language necessary. I hate it. It's worse then the first time I did it after my year abroad in college. But then again, the first time I repatriated back, I just turned 21 that summer, so many of those months were spent in a slight G&T haze of delight. So it couldn't have been as bad as this.

Things I did not expect:
-Dealing with a mild case of depression since I've been back. It sucks. It's tiring. Apparently it can be pretty common when you have a big life change. But this depression also means my creativity seems to have been sucked from me, making everything I use to love doing extremely difficult. I have many things planned to help myself get over this blue period, fear not.

-I did not expect to have a hard time making friends in a city where I have friends. Sometimes it feels like I'm auditioning for a role that I originated, but no one is quite sure if I can pull it off again. Even though the role is Me. Me As Your Friend. It's a weird place to be in, but I'm sure I'll work it out by getting real aggressive with my social calender. Or maybe I'll just stay home in my pjs and have a binge rewatch session of Doctor Who while eating bacon. Wait and see what happens. If suddenly I just balloon up, send for help.

-The American food is not as good as some of the American-style foods in England. I have yet to find a really, really delicious burger and I miss Byron so bad. What's up with that? I fully understand and accept that my citizenship may be revoked as a result of that statement.

-I moved back to DC and now weed is legal. WHATTHEWHAT? 4/20 was a day where AdMo neighbourhood spent handing out free seeds to grow (as you can't sell them legally). Now what I'd really like to know is....where's the lifestyle blog that's modelled for the weed lifestyle? Something quite girly in pink and white, with instructional how-to's on properly baking pot brownies for your gluten free guests. Maybe a nice Pinterst board all about matching your pipe to your outfit of the day? Who's with me on this?

-America is struggling with a lot of harsh stuff. We could see it all going down from England. The police shootings, public shoot ups, the war on women and their reproductive rights... It's a different thing seeing it from the US. In comparison, seeing it from the UK was like seeing The USA Issues Lite. I was not prepared for the amount of racism I've seen, or the fact that so many people really, really hate my womb, or.......the worst thing of all, now I won't be able to sneak food into movie theatres because they're doing bag checks for guns. It's a scary place being in, without an ocean between you and the Republican party.

Clearly, adjusting to being back here is taking me some time. I've set up a few things in order to help me along my path to feeling more comfortable here. I just started working for a farm one day a week and I get paid in vegetables!

I haven't a clue what half of these things are. Luckily, this is America. Everything can be fried.

Now I just need to find a place that will give me free donuts and coffee.

I'm starting volunteer training for a DC animal shelter soon as well. Thank god. I need a puppy fix in my life. Who doesn't need a puppy fix?

The other two things that are currently providing a big distraction from my malaise is two fitness challenges I just jumped right into without thinking much about (ahh that's the ol' Lindsay I know and love). I'm running a half marathon on October 31st in Philly because of reasons like: my aunt and my brother are running it, I want to buy a new running outfit for it, this is just an excuse to run long enough to need one of those gels that taste like velvety chocolate,  and also cause I don't really want to participate in the usual American Halloween revelry of getting piss ass drunk and making bad outfit decisions. I think I've made enough memories from those Halloweens of Old to keep me shuddering in embarrassment well into my 80s.

The second challenge is signing up for a charity walk in NYC with two of my college friends. Turns out....you have to actually train for this kind of walk as it is 39 miles in two days. For some reason in my head I thought, 'nooooo problem'. Well guess what I learned? RUNNING IS SO MUCH EASIER. I am dead serious. I'd rather run 10 miles then walk 10. I'm hurting in all kinds of new ways. It's weird. My feet are not happy. Also FUCK this weather, DC you suck. Humidity is no way to die, but DC sure is trying to MURDER ME.

I feel you should all take pity on me and donate to my walk. I pledged to raise $1800 but haven't gotten very far due to much of summer spent running around going 'it's not depression, it's hormones!' and my doctor saying 'it ain't hormones. Now stop crying into that donut.'

I've done fundraising before, but right now it feels like people are less likely to donate money when you are not fundraising for something you currently suffering from. People were all about donating to my Crohn's fundraiser........though that might have been to stop me from talking so much about bowels. This time around I'm raising money for breast cancer research. I still can't believe it's something we do not have a handle on yet. This particular charity really won me over because they're not just about donating to the research, they're all about helping the people with breast cancer and their families get through a tough time. I can relate. Donate here: the link that leads to doing good things with your life.

Please consider donating. Don't make me hold a bake sale. Trust me, no body wants that.

Check back in on Friday's for a fitness update. I can do planks for, like, a whole minute now without swearing like a sailor. Have I impressed you with my physical feats yet?



  1. Hang in there and I'll give you so many hugs and squeezes soon! xxx

    1. Honest to god, I come to England for the hugs!! Miss you lady xx