24 August 2015

Meatless Monday...I Guess. If I Must.

Forgive me Bloggers Who Bake, for I have sinned.

Last night I became one of those people.

I gave an honest-to-god go at making a cookie in a cup. You know, the throw a bunch of ingredients into a cup and microwave it in a sad attempt to make a single serving of a cookie. In a cup.

It turned out embarrassingly awful. Never again. I'm just going to pretend that glutinous sin of cooking never happened.

Lately I have been trying to put in the effort to cook at home. One of those gallant affairs is now going to be thrown into ..... Meatless Mondays (sigh).

I know, I know. Don't worry. I'm still hardcore omnivore. Never fear, breakfast bacon, I still love you. But I clearly need to eat healthier and make better life choices.

Nobody should ever be faced with the option of making a cookie in a cup.

I've done a few of my Monday's meatless here in America, trying out the veggie lifestyle again. I'm definitely not clueless in this area. At least not as clueless as someone thinking a cookie in a cup is a good idea. Without adult baker supervision.

The many years of struggling with my Crohn's means I've tried a lot of different diets: vegetarianism, veganism and even Macrobiotics. None of them ever stuck. Probably because my body really, really needs those sweet B12 vitamins. Or just bacon full stop.

But I really want to be a better cook and I do care about the environment. Which means trying to be a little more veggie, a little more often. So here's what I've thrown together, mostly without recipe, and has turned out much less embarrassingly then the aforementioned Cookie Debacle.

Jacket Potato with cheese, roasted broccoli with lemon. Simple and straight to the point.
Art provided via my sexy, sleek camera....I mean my iPhone
I call the next one Pasta a la Wha Da Fuuuuck.....Is In This, Cause It's Amazing. (Working title)
Herbed goat's cheese, roasted red onion, sun dried tomatoes, spinach wilted in the hot pasta, dressing: garlic and ginger pressed, olive oil, fresh lemon juice.

Clearly I am picky about what kind of veggie meals I eat. I veer on the side of Mediterranean style or straight up pub food. Recipe suggestions welcome. Nothing too crazy where I have to purchase all kind of strange things. I like simple. Though maybe something a little more complicated the flour, egg, butter, sugar in a cup.

Never again.



  1. HA! Although when we've lived in places with a microwave, I've totally made mug cookies before. xx

    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one. I was just desperate for something on a higher level then peanut butter on a spoon with chocolate chips.xx