25 August 2015

Working From Home Means..

Things I have learned about working from home:

1. My housemates think that I don't own real clothes, just many, many types of pajamas.

2. If I am within 10-10,000 feet of the kitchen I will constantly be thinking about what I can eat next. So that is approximately always. The house isn't that big.
My housemate left me alone for an hour with her home baked cookies. Bad decision, Raven.  I get all kinds of crazy ideas when I'm on my own. DON'T LEAVE ME TO FEND FOR MYSELF.

3. After being in a room the size of a prison cell for two years in London, I frequently run up to my new room that is the size of TWO prison cells put together so I can admire, spin around, and clap my hands in delight like a deranged toddler. Also, somebody let me paint my room unsupervised....I made some art:

4. It is fairly impossible for me to do any work in the morning. But that can be a positive thing as I then turn around at lunch time and guilt myself into working out and doing loads of real work in the afternoon.

5. I am the nosy neighbour. I know which ones are at home during the day, which ones have children, and which house has the cute pit bull. I have popcorn at the ready for the moments when the neighbours want to argue with the DC tow truck drivers attempting to haul their vehicles away for over due parking tickets. I SEE IT ALL.

6. Making cushion forts is not that fun anymore since you have to clean it up yourself when you're done, because you are an adult now. And if you don't, everyone assumes you've been day drinking.
Sometimes I play around with my very first phone I had from when I was 15.  ... Yeah I may need to get out more.

7. I get sick and I do not live with my mother who would take care of me. Day drinking does occur as a form of self-medication. I present to you: Hot Toddy Deconstructed. Bourbon and hot tea will help just about any cold. No really. I read that somewhere.

There's a chance that I would act more like a normal human being if I held a regular 9-5 day job.

But let's not risk it, just in case.



  1. Your cookie sandwiches are the things that dreams are made of! xx

    1. Hahaha! Yes well...they are just a culinary feat of excellence, doncha know ;) xx