07 September 2015

London Food Love


All the happiness right now. I arrived on Tuesday and have been running wild since. And by running wild, I mean I deleted MyFitnessPal calorie tracker before I arrived and life since then...




Fuck calorie counting.

Here's what I've been eating in London:
The required eating upon arrival in London. I have a fondness for this pub over by London Bridge.

Baked donuts in Shoreditch

They're baked and therefore healthy. Yes I ate both. I don't share, don't be ridiculous.

Discovering the wonderful filter coffee available at Rapha Cycle Club's cafe
 Fun fact: if you want to have a coffee like you would in America, that's a drip coffee. Sometimes called filter coffee. Though to a coffee aficionado (i.e. snob)*avoids eye contact*, filter and drip are very different things. There's drip, filter and pour over actually and all are different. Pour over is the best though. FACT.

Most places do not serve it as they have an espresso machine or they have instant coffee (which is disgusting, and you won't convince me otherwise). Neither of these options give you a drip or filter coffee (if you weren't aware). Places with an espresso machine will offer an Americano, specifically named because it's similar in style to what we drink in America. But it's just espresso diluted with hot water. I am not a huge fan, but it'll do in a pinch.

I have found that my beloved Jamie's Italian no longer serves pour over coffee in Greenwich and I was rejected from all other coffee shops there with a sneer every time I asked for filter coffee. I went into Rapha Cycle Club in Central London asking for an Americano and got the the most magical response:

'Americano? No, you really should try our filter coffee.'

I love them. The wedding will be next year, early June. There will be a reception that everyone is invited to and we'll be serving only filter coffee. And baked donuts. Obviously.

Now when I'm not on the search for the perfect coffee in London (which even I find slightly ironic considering I love everything about England. You'd think I'd be all about the tea every day. But seriously. Don't mess with my coffee intake. Even in England I must have my coffee), I can usually be found consuming wine and cheese and all the British foods.
Believe it or not, this was what I had in Blackheath prior to going to a friend's house for dinner. Don't underestimate my ability to pack it in.

Scotch Egg from The Gypsy Moth in Greenwich. One of my favourite British foods.
I still have many more places I plan on eating before the end of my trip. Many more. Though this week I plan on going super cheap. I'm doing lunch every day for under £10. It's really not that hard to do in London and I want to prove it. And I'm not talking about eating at the local Sainsbury's everyday either. (Puh-lease, I am totally an M&S girl.)

So here's to touristing, eating all the good stuff, and adventures with all the lovely people. (I'm 100% going to be eating dinner with this girl. She's my foodie soulmate. And my weirdo dark humor soulmate. We're just made for each other basically and someday I'm sure her and Sam will be adopting me. You can adopt a 30 year old child right??)
Nope. Not at all embarrassed to take the VERY tourist-y picture with a phone box.