03 June 2013

Doing Your Thang

My little sister and I have been talking lately about having a fitness "thang". You know...you're thing you do that you work at all the time, maybe you've worked very hard at being awesome at it, have all the fun accessories, read the books, read the blogs...it's your "thang".

Lauren, little sis, has decided that cycling is her thing and has gone at it full swing. She's got the cool, fast road bike, a weekly cycle goal (40 miles a week, 200 in total before June 21st) and she even has a really sweet helmet and matching riding cloves. I'm a bit jealous.

My running is definitely almost my thing, but I'm not quite sure if it'll stay my thing. I've always had a hankering for yoga and martial arts to be the center of my fitness expertise. But really, deep down, I just want to be one of those people that enjoys and participates in all kinds of physical activities. I definitely did not grow up that way. Like a vampire to sunlight, I saw it as a death wish.

Until of course Buffy the Vampire Slayer came along and that's where my yoga (Sarah Michelle Gellar was a fan) and martial arts (Buffy's official thang) obsession came in.

But for now, I'm just trying to be open minded about other physical activities and give them a go.

And now I can't feel my ass. God, biking is hard. Soooo hard. I have found an 8 mile run easier. Okay, okay, it has just been my first day. But damn my butt is sore. And my ego bruised as my sister goes flying ahead of me and beats me home by 10 minutes while I'm still huffing and puffing like a couch potato who's never been outdoors.

Granted, she has explained to me that her bike is a road bike and therefore is meant to go faster than the mountain bike I've been using today. But still, I want it to feel better because I run, damnit.

I completely understand and accept that biking uses different muscles than running does. Which is often why people recovering from running injuries usually switch to biking. Even though it's hard, I'm determined to make this a regular thing. Especially since money is tight currently, the amount I save on gas, small it may be, will ease my stress a bit.

We did about 10 miles today just riding to and from work. We come home for lunch so that adds on the extra miles. It is only a 2.5 mile ride from our house to the office but I have never been more irritated with living in a hilly village. Fuck hills. They're stupid and if they don't make my ass rock hard by August I'm calling it--biking is a fraud.

Additionally, something my sister mentioned to me that is so true about biking, specifically the side effects that come when one uses a mountain bike for....not mountains. They're heavier and harder than a street bike, requiring a much greater effort to operate....and goddamn am I raging hungry after one 2.5 mile trip. There went my breakfast-poof, there went my lunch-poof. And I have pms right now, so essentially....I am going to eat EVERYTHING THERE EVER WAS.

Honestly, running hasn't even jacked up my appetite like that. I really don't feel like good things are going to come of it. I've enjoyed running several miles and still feel okay with my doctor-restricted small, carby portions of food my stomach can adequately digest. Today, on the other hand, I was all like "WHERE IS MORE FOOD? GIMME." Except caffeinated excessively and with really crazy helmet hair. I'm like every one's childhood monster under the bed, but with leggings and a powerful odor. (Oh yes, I stunk today. Didn't even really sweat that much. I sweat buckets when running and barely smell worse that a wilting rose.)

So the jury is out on this one folks. But again....fully expecting to be able to bounce quarters off my ass by Labor Day. Actually....I don't really know what that means, I heard it in a rap song. REALLY STRONG BUTTOCKS, I want amazing thighs and a butt I can place things on like a shelf. I really don't think that's asking very much, do you?
Courtesy of my little sis.
She is way cuter...but can't escape the dorkiness. Also, YES we get to go home for lunch every day and play with that cute button, Charlie. BE JEALOUS.

Lindsay Xxxx

P.S. If you'll kindly take note of the shirt I'm wearing in that tiny, upper right hand corner photo. Yes, it is a beer tee-shirt. I have been huffing and puffing all over town in a beer tee-shirt. HEIGHT of sophistication. Don't you wanna be me?

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