19 June 2013

Let the Grad School Mayhem Begin

It's official. I'm going to drama school this fall. (Funding pending, of course.)
Commence the freak out.
Not at all stressing of course. Just...you know....EXTREME hyper excitement, bordering on insanity. Mainly because I should secure my funding and get my first check into the school in about...oh....two weeks. Not at all insane. I'm just going to be drinking excessive amounts of wine tonight. I got this. Not like I'm trying to raise $2,500 more dollars for my half marathon charity run this summer either.

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I really should have tried harder to win the lotto. Because everyone knows that is a solid financial decision.

As is wine investment. I may need to take out stock in my favorite wineries. Are they even publicly traded? Do I even have a clue what I just said? No. Pulling stuff out my ass at this point. Just making really good decisions about healthful living and solid financial investments, is the name of my game. Clearly.

More on grad school abroad later...when my brain is working properly.



  1. Yay!!!!!

    Also, I've been thinking about going into bank robbing or smuggling or something. I think it could solve our money problems.

  2. Badass, you know I'm game. Let's get the Clacker crew together on this. I feel at no point will anyone get too drunk during a bank heist or pee on the floor. They can't trace us through urine right?!