02 April 2013

Forward, Ho!

April is the month when all the best things are happening....we'll turn a blind eye to the shit weather for now and pretend it's not happening. Stupid snow.

On Thursday I leave in the morning and head on my way to Charleston, SC for the 10k Bridge Run. I am so pumped about it! I'll be running it with one of my best friends from college, Dani, and the weather is going to be fabulously warm. Charleston has definitely risen in my esteem over the years and is quickly becoming one of my favorite places. Well...it helps that Dani and her husband are there, but still, very awesome city.

Even though I've already done a half marathon as my first run, I'm still a bit nervous for this run. My runs lately have been a bit laborious....I blame the weather and the dreadmill workouts, ick. And I have done little-to-no incline workouts. So running up a very high bridge will be interesting. We're already planning on walking it. Way to go positivity. I am positive it will be annoyingly difficult to run up it, so we will walk.

This will also be my first run that I set out to run alongside someone else. Caitlin and I for the half marathon knew we were just going to go, go, go and not pay much mind to running together as long as we *survived*. Well we did survive, hooray! And now I get to see if I can manage a better time for this 10k than my 10k time during the half...which was 1 hour and 15 minutes. But even if I don't PR, that's okay as that's not what I'm setting out to do. I'm setting out to do it along side my best friend and have a good time.  I hear there's beer afterwards. SOEXCITED!

Once I get back on Monday, I'll only have one week before I'm getting back on a plane and heading to LONDON. Yes, from now on I will be saying it like that...LONDON. I am so excited. I've already started my jet lag preparation  I got up at 4am this morning....and it KILLED, just so you know (and funnily enough, I'll probably still be late to work this morning...sucking at life, that's me!) Next week, I'll aim to wake up at 2am in hopes that I won't be a zombie the first few days in LONDON. Starting on that Thursday, I'll have to be peppy as I'll be starting in on my three day workshop/audition for a grad school. 

Nerves and excitement to the point of vomiting.

I don't want to talk about it.

I'm hoping to do a few reminiscent posts over the next two weeks about my trip to London last year. But we'll see if that happens...I've been running around a lot lately with trying to get applications and UK border visa stuff appeased. Also there's been much crying with my hands deep in failed pastry dough attempts.

Stupid fucking pastry dough.

No matter. Hopefully more shit will get done in these next two weeks than it usually does...(she says with hesitant positivity)

In a completely, random and unrelated to anything I've been talking about here note....I've finally discovered one surefire thing that causes me stomach pain. Hallelujah! Vitamin C with rose hips. And it's the rose hips that does it, as I've definitely taken plenty of vitamin C before with no problems. It's super exciting discovering stuff like that as my stomach/my Crohn's can be so mysterious about what it hates. Can digest dairy, hurrah! but not in a 5 cheese egg pie, with a side of chocolate milk, boo. Can have salsa, yay!, but not anything else that borders on spicy (keep away the hot wings and the Thai food...it burns). So little steps like discovering, for sure, that rose hips makes my belly ache are like discovering there's alien life on other planets.

Well...maybe not that monumental...but ya know, whatever.

Okay.....carry about your day now. Now that you have that knowledge thrown at you. Boom. You're welcome.

Lindsay xxxx

P.S. Blogging is a physical sport in my house...trying to balance the laptop on one hand and deal with the dog that needsattentionrightnowwhydon'tyoulovemepetmeplease!!! Evidence:
Blogging with Charlie. He needs his morning snuggle time. 
I am not lying. He acts like he's dying for *the rest of the day* if we don't give him morning cuddle time. We created this monster and now we must pay. 

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