03 April 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole

There are some dangerous questions being posed on Facebook recently...the question that always sends my heart rate up and need to avoid, no matter how many times someone posts it or no matter how pleadingly they ask it, is "any book recommendations?"

YES. OHMYGODYES. Please let me recommend things for you....wait....what kind of stuff do you like to read and in what kind of mood do you want to be put in? Cause I don't want to go recommending some of my favorite stuff all willy-nilly like when you're not in the mood to get giddy or fall into a dream-like state enveloped in an imaginary world. I don't know...maybe you want to learn something. Or be angered into action. I think I can help with that too. I need to know what you're craving...and god, I can totally recommend even having not read the book first. I can be that good sometimes. I used to work in two of the biggest book retailers in the country (Barnes and Noble, holla!...Borders.....RIP) My training is solid. I have cred, man.

But no...I really can't recommend because it gets me too excited. Excited for you and a little sad...cause I don't usually ever need book recommendations. I love to get them at random, but I currently own over 300 books that I have yet to read. I am not in need, my friends. But I do love a good book recommendation just happened upon or thrown at me on purpose, just no reason to ask for it myself. I just can't give a recommendation because the question sends my mind racing. I can't type or say the words quick enough. So please stop asking.

The other dangerous question is similar, "any blog recommendations?" But that comes a bit easier. And I wouldn't do a whole post on it, but then my good friend Crystal asked on Facebook and I said I would send her some blogs to read (she is limiting it to lifestyle and comic, though my list expands to Crohn's blogs, running blogs, health blogs, and fluff news blogs. Also chick blogs. I consider hellogiggles a chick blog of sorts. Same with EverydayFeminism) I enjoy these limits she has placed because it gives me a bit of structure.

Though on the other hand, I went on to Twitter briefly after having this question posed and one blogger I follow has been tweeting several really fab links to blogposts and blogs I didn't previously know about....

...and down the rabbit hole I went. While I did my data entry stuff today, I'd take a few mental breaks here and there and read up on these new blogs and then get connected to other blogs. It's a bit ridiculous really. I tend to bookmark a ton, then through daily or weekly reading, I can slowly cancel some out. Usually because they post once in a great while (once a month is too, too little. It's hard to stay interested...unless they have an excellent blog history and you can just go pick random posts from the past. There's a few I do that with just for fun.)

I'm drawn to beautifully done up blogs (I'm easily impressed by design), and blogs with a bit of humor. Sometimes I enjoy lifecasting (the kind of blogging the where the blogger basically just writes about what they did that day or what they ate or their exercises for the day...etc etc) but only if it has an edge of humor to it. I also like ones that make me sit and think, and as a result make me research more into a topic I'm interested in so I can get more information to form an opinion. Those blogs are a bit more rare.

Okay well, this is already turning longer than planned...sorry about that, Crystal.

You really are missing out by not letting me post my running blogs, so maybe I will anyways at the end and you can just ignore those. If anybody else is into running blogs, feel free to peruse.  Also, I love me a good blog recommendation, so send them my way if something tickles your fancy or makes you ponder.

(Makes me giggle...I'm sure you have a few of these bookmarked already)
LIFESTYLE BLOGS (Here's the long list for ya!)
(I intermix "style/fashion blogs with "lifestyle blogs"...I actually include a lot of different types of blogs into the "lifestyle category"...more like "a look into this life" type of blogs.)
  • Advanced Style 
  • What Ali Wore (Cute old man!! Ahhhh, so adorbs!)
  • Betsy Transatlantically (An expat blogger, but her posts make me think. And she's the tweeter that tweeted lots of great posts today.)
  • The Crepes of Wrath (Not a lifestyle blog, but the only food blog I'll advise you to check out. I read some food blogs, but can find them frustrating because I can't eat a lot of what they post. Too many healthy food bloggers, while my doctor prescribed diet is very...anti-healthy trend. But Crepes of Wrath is awesomesauce. Love her stuff!)
  • The Londoner (Hesitant to recommend because she's not for everyone, but I like her food posts and some of her fashion. You can skip vacation posts. She vacations a lot.)
  • Liberty London Girl (Originally followed her because she was a Brit in NYC, but now she's a Brit in London and she posts on loooooads of things. Love the fashion, food, travel posts. And anything with her dog or family)
  • Yes and Yes! (Very positive blogposts)
  • The Piccadilly Line (Another expat blog, but her stuff makes me think as well...and makes me want to write better than I do.)
  • Unapologetically Mundane (Nerdy, foodie, NYC, randomness. Love it)
  • The Wounded Jukebox (Well, it's a music blog. But I absolutely suck at finding good music myself and just need people to give me good suggestions...otherwise I just can't find anything and listen to the same shit over and over. So these guys are great for expanding my horizons. I also went to college with them, holler! And...their blog is freaking pretty. I love the design.)
  • Across the Pond (Just found this one today and have been lost in it for awhile. Love the design, love the bit of humor sprinkled about. Love the short posts...short posts? What are those? You won't find them on this blog....sigh....)
  • ... wishin good luck (Another newly acquired. Pretty good reading so far, had some thinking done over some posts. I enjoy the design as well. I like crisp, clean and a bit girly.)
  • Doing the District (Great when I lived in DC, and even now that I don't.  It's fun to read about their adventures in places that Clackers have destroyed.---Definition of Clacker for those not in the know: DC friend group who are crazy/sexy/awesome/fabulous/nerdy/loyal/creative, add vodka as needed---)
RUNNING BLOGS (For those interested parties that are as obsessed as I am)
Okay...well....now I'm kind of feeling embarrassed about the amount of blogs I read, so I'm not even going to post the rest. I do have much more that I follow. Some I don't bookmark and I just wait around for the blogger to tweet that they posted something new. Gotta love twitter. Love it much, much, much more than Facebook.

It kind of still pains me not to list all the expat blogs I read as well. Love a good "living abroad" blog.

And that's all. But seriously...I love blogs. So what pulls you in to read a site every day?

Lindsay xx

P.S. Um, this is awkward, but has anybody seen this pyramid scheme thing just blow up in their friend groups? Well, not my friend groups per say, but more like on my Facebook feed. I know about 20 different girls who are now selling stuff. Like fitness routines, weight loss drinks, make up, and more weight loss drinks. I have five different people selling five different drinks that I can buy to lose weight. It's kind of weirding me out that all of a sudden this is what everyone is doing. Anybody else see an increase? I mean, I'm used to people trying to sell me stuff....did you see how many blogs I read? Um, most of them are trying to sell me something. So I'm use to it on that level. But I don't go to Facebook to buy stuff, so it's freaking me out. Also, what happened to a good Tupperware party? How's a girl supposed to get some quality Tupperware ?? Makes me think of that Goosebumps episode...now that was some quality Tupperware! Muwahahaha....

....Okay that was weird. Sorry.

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