27 March 2013

Waiting on the Dewy Glow

I'm waiting. Waiting for my freaking dewy glow I've been promised, but alas...no glow. Barely a shine that's not contributed to my runs.

My new obsession with juicing has yet to fully deliver all that it has promised me. That's what I get for looking to the internets for a dewy glow.

Well, that's not quite the reason I started juicing, but it sure would be nice if that's what it delivered since that's what all these bloggers keep totting on about as a side effect.

I'm juicing mainly because my doctor still wants me on a low-residue diet until I see him next....six months from now. Which is absurd. Can we all take a moment and look at the ridiculousness that is being on low-residue/low-fiber diet for six months?! That means eating white things, white rice, white bread, nothing whole grain and aiming for less than 10 grams of fiber a day. So good-bye raw veg. Which does actually make me sad. I love salad. And even more sad...this diet has helped me feel better. I can't even eat half an avocado anymore without a bit of a tummy ache. Bummer.

But still. It's ridiculous. So I turned to juicing in order to fulfill my dietary need for vitamins. I went out and spent an exorbitant amount on a juicer. Honestly it was the most money I've spent on an item that I can use (as opposed to my expensive plane tickets to London and the amount of money I spend on eating while there). So I've officially decided that my juicer is my baby...she's certainly racking up the grocery bills like one and the amount of time it takes to clean her is just like cleaning a small living thing....I think...I mean, I've never actually tried...my sister was always the one to clean the dogs so I can't even cop to that. Actually, I think cleaning my juicer is more time consuming than the dogs.

I had to name her because I spend so much money on her.

Blog world, meet Bertha:
Making carrot juice like a boss

She's the reason I am almost always late to work in the morning and late to work after lunch. Even my most favorite juice to make, which is always the easiest and quickest one to prepare, takes me roughly a half an hour to prepare, to juice, and then to clean the machine. I've never been able to clean the whole thing in under 15 minutes. Scrubbing the mesh screen is a bitch.
Favorite juice mix: 1/2 beet peeled, 1 organic green apple, 1/2 organic green cucumber, 1 cup organic spinach. Yum!

It has definitely helped cut my sugar cravings...mostly because I drink the juice after eating a meal and my juices almost always have either an apple, a pear or carrots in it. All of which add sugar. I'm trying to be more veggie focused but it really, really, really helps to sweeten the juice a bit.

 Yummy Tummy juice...and I'm not being cute. My tummy says yummy. Which you may think odd, a stomach with a voice. But having Crohn's means my stomach speaks to me often. And boy is she vocal.
*5 organic carrots, 4 organic celery w/leaves, 1 organic green apple, handful of parsley*

 Another favorite juice. Good for beginners to get used to the taste of veg. 
*1 organic cucumber (if not organic, then peel it), 1 organic pear, 1/4 lemon peeled (leaving the peel on = really tart taste), 1 cup of organic spinach, handful of mint...oh the mint. Go crazy there. Lots and lots of mint means AWESOMENESS.*

Don't eat this one. No seriously. It tastes like dirt. Not sure why I'm showing it to you, but just so you know, you can create juice that tastes like you just face planted in the ground, and this is it. I blame the beet leaves, tricky bitch. Ick. Super fail, but it does look pretty, no?

There's no dewy glow just yet, but I have cut way back on the amount of sweets I eat. Which is a super plus. I haven't looked at my blood test results so I'm not sure yet if it's helping me digest vitamins that I don't normally digest.

Gotta say though, it's kind of zen cleaning the machine. Like a big ol' thank you machine for making me delicious juice and now I will respect you with a good cleaning. (Hey, we all do what we gotta to make ourselves feel better about spending hundreds of dollars on an object.)

But anyways, if ya feel like seeing some good juice recipes, I'll post a whole blog post with just juices soon. Maybe. If I feel like...or have the time. I mean, I am quite busy cleaning the damn thing.

Happy belly's to you all!
Lindsay xx

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