15 January 2013

What Motivates Me to Run: Cowbell.

I've been thinking a lot about what motivates me to put one foot in front of the other, repeatedly  in a fast-like motion, other than counteracting my obsessive need to consume ALL the peanut butter M&Ms (I just found two pre-counted serving sized baggies of PB M&M's in my purse-yes i hoard chocolate-...it's like HEAVEN mid-day at work.)

There's lots of things that get me out on the road and .... god-forbid ...liking it. Mainly it's because I have a few outfits that have me decked out completely in purple. Nothing makes a girl wanna run all stealth-like with the mission impossible theme in her head when she looks like a NINJA...albeit a purple one. What? Ninjas can be purple. They're the more fashionable ones....

COWBELL. That's what really gets me moving. Specifically the cowbell that is featured in the song "Free Your Mind" by En Vogue. Seriously, go listen to it and you will hear the sweet, sweet melodious tone of the cowbell in the background. No idea why, but that just motivates me to run.

On an unrelated note, I would someday like to play the cowbell classically. Does that happen? Cowbell classics? Could I be the first? That'd be awesome. (Clearly I need to get out more....drinks anyone?)

Blogging soon, belated New Year's Resolutions....everybody else got to, I'm just super lazy and haven't gotten around to it, obviously failing at #20 resolution--don't be lazy. Also will do a blog post about how I brainwashed myself into loving running, at the moment...but who knows....this love may not be true and long lasting as that of PB M&M's. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER....except mint M&M's, which can only be consumed in December by law.


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