22 January 2013

Cold Running and An Overabundance of Confidence With Very Little Training

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my thighs and my cheeks for subjecting them to the elements during my attempted outdoor run today. Granted I was fully clothed, but while my compression socks did cover me well under my running pants, my running pants did nothing to protect my upper thighs. And no scarves for me...with the amount of snot I expel during a run, I was afraid of it freezing on the scarf and then suffocating myself to death.

What an embarrassing death that would be.

I will definitely be looking into warmer tights, maybe compression tights built for single digit weather. 9 degrees Fahrenheit is NOT my favorite. Please come back 30 degree weather...I miss you!

In other news...I'm finding that my half mary training seems to be running parallel with my audition training. In the sense that when you look at what I've done on paper, an expert may raise an eyebrow and think "hmmm, you really haven't done much, have you?" But you know, my mind is totally prepped and ready to go. Mentally, I'm there.

(If you've never read The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, then you should get on that. My favorite positive thinking book, except with real life advice...summarization of the book--you can think positive, but if you're sitting on your ass it does no good, think positive and always work towards your goals. Also, don't listen to the haters. There. Now you don't need to read it. You're welcome.)

I'm re-reading above listed book and it always gets me all jazzed up for big things. My head is definitely in the audition spot and in the half marathon game. I don't want to go into too much talk about my grad school auditions, as my first audition is with the organization URTA and it's next week (it's like auditioning for a BUNCH of schools at once).  But I will say that for my half mary training I'm one month away and I can really only run for one hour total at the moment. I'm estimating that it's going to take me well over two to complete 13.1 miles...if I don't die that is. In my brain though, I'm all like "pssshhhaw, I am so going to do it just fine. I've run 5.5 miles already...that's practically 13.1. Got it in the bag." Other people seemed to be concerned with my "got it in the bag" mentality,  particularly where my audition is concerned. But I totally have faith that I'm going to rock both with the best of my ability.

On this overly frigid day, don't you just looooove uber positivity? I know, I wanna punch me too.



  1. Where is this optimistic kool-aid dispenser? or can you share?

  2. I never want to punch you. I love your positivity! Positivity rocks! You got this, boo.

  3. Haha, thanks Natacia! And Jen, an Optimistic Kool-aid Dispenser would be amazing right now as I just got bulldozed by PMS cravings and crankiness. Blerg. My positivity has come and gone in waves today...