25 May 2011

I only have a few moments to myself first thing in the morning so I never think I have time to blog, but it's been too long. I haven't given up on you yet, blogworld, and shall return more energized and dedicated after June 12. Till then, scraps for you.

My comfort food for breakfast lately has been a cup of PG Tips, with lactose-free milk (stress leaves me with a sensitivity to dairy, boo), some Weetabix with Earth Balance butter (I eat Weetabix like toast....mmmm crunchy, delicious toast) and fruit. Simple, easy, and comforting. I've needed it as these last few months have been a bit intense and overly stressful. I've practically been living at work and in April I had my best friends wedding (which was amazing and gorgeous and THE BEST TIME EVER and totally worth any stress I had over it).

My last show of the season at work ends on June 12th and after that...who knows where life will take me. I shall have normal work hours over the summer, allowing me a bit more breathing room then I've had and I may decide to fill that extra time with classes. Again...who knows?

This past weekend was spent in NYC and I'll have to blog about that soon. I had a ridiculously good time with my sister, who just moved there, and I'm liking NYC more and more each time I go. Once I find my camera cord to put my pictures on my computer, I will dazzle you with pretty scenes and delicious food shots. I'll leave you with these: Alice's Tea Cup and Harry Potter Exhibition.

Kind regards and missing you,

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