28 March 2011

Pictures Around DC

Here's just a few shots taken around the National Mall and one from Metro Center area of DC.

I went to the Walk for Epilepsy this past Sunday and it was quite an inspiring experience. My cousin has epilepsy, as does my best friend from college and one of my old high school friends. It's just surprising how, just like my Crohn's, nobody is willing to talk about it so the ones that have it need to fight to be heard. It's hard to find a celebrity willing to step up and say "I have epilepsy" (or, in my case, I can't name a single well known celebrity who has Crohn's or admits to having IBD/IBS), so often times it's just the people suffering that need to stand up and make themselves heard.

It was pretty fantastic seeing all the people out there who were just there to support their loved ones and the cause.

Even the dogs came out for support.

Ummmmm...I'm not sure, let me get back to you on that, but thanks for asking!


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