23 March 2011

A Cop Out Food Post

Ummm, errrr....ooook so I always feel just a touch awkward after getting too serious about something and end up dealing with a situation that can best be described as an 'emotional hangover' the next day. I'm just not used to displaying strong emotion, or showing just how passionate I can get about something...unless I have a built in excuse like 'blog post fueled by wine'.
Regardless of how I feel right now, still GO see The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs. Right now. Go.

But in the meantime, as a blog cop out....instead of doing a real post about something big and awesome like my London trip, I'm going to throw a picture of food at you and hope that you're hungry so that you can resent me just a little bit because of the fantastic food stuff I eat. If you're not hungry then this post is really just a waste of time....I'll admit to nothing.BAM! There you go. I've been obsessed with this deliciousness for the past few mornings. Hello, Bagels and Baguettes, my new favorite breakfast place. Quick, cheap, delicious. That's all I need. This is a wheat bagel, toasted with bacon, egg and cheese. I don't question whether or not the eggs are free range, or if that bacon lead a happy life before it ended up on my breakfast sandwich, hell I'm not 100% sure if that's American cheese or not, I can only assume. It is how a breakfast sandwich of cheap, hot, deliciousness should be. Only $4.39. Mmmmm.....

You're welcome. xo.


  1. That bagel is the most delicious looking thing in the world. I crave crave crave food like that so much here in London. I've showed it to the people in my office and of course they can't even comprehend it. I can practically taste it! Thanks for posting about it :)

  2. Haha no problem! I have a love of food posts & pics. Since I got back from my London trip I've shown all of my office mates/family/friends the picture on my phone of a steak & ale pie with a pint of strong bow I had while there. I may make it my background photo on my phone...yup, I am that awesome. ;)