28 May 2011

Dr. Who and Proper Fry Up

Nothing picks a girl up like a proper fry-up and some Saturday morning Dr. Who watching. Hey...everybody needs their version of Saturday morning cartoons and season 4 is one of my favorites, specifically the episode "Partners in Crime". Best introduction episode of a new companion. I love it. Makes me cry at the end, every time, the bit with Donna's granddad. Just. Can't. Stand. It.

This past week I found myself just a tad bit tipsy and at my favorite British goods shop in Clarendon, VA. Woke up the next day with a purse full of McVities Milk Chocolate Digestives, Cadbury Chocolate bars, a can of Heinze beans, a few cigars as well (hey it is a cigar shop as well, called Classic Cigars & British Goodies) and my bank account out $30.00. Worth it. Especially for the chocolate and the beans.

And now for my Saturday morning breakfast before heading off to a full day of work, I get the treat of beans and toast, poached eggs, and a few vegetarian sausages thrown in for good measure. Top it all off with a cup of tea. Just a little bit of heaven.

In other news, I might be going to an audition on Monday, Memorial Day. We'll see how it goes and if I'm able to make it out of the apartment. With all the time that I spend at work these days, it's difficult to pry myself away from the comfort of my bed at home.

I hear I'll have normal hours in the summer....gosh, whatever shall I do with myself? Re-read all the Harry Potter's before the last movie and start in on my massive Jane Austen and Shakespeare book fests I've decided to do? Good plan....

...such a nerd.

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