08 July 2009

Sometimes I Read.

So sometimes I do get around to reading the massive collection of books that I've obtained from working in bookstores for five years (somewhere in the ballpark of 250-260...ish). Sometimes. And it always sucks just a little to realize I've had, in my possesion, a really awesome book that's just been sitting around collecting dust.

This is not one of those books. Not one of those books in my collection I mean, it's borrowed actually (what can I say, I have a book obsession) and it is an awesome book. You should read it. Really.

As a bookseller, you'd think I'd be better at promoting books to people. I'm not. So don't go and think this will be some crazy, insightful, inspiring review or anything, cause you will be greatly disappointed.

If you haven't read Carlos Ruiz Zafon's other book, Shadow of the Wind, you should get on that one as well. Both books are a kind of Gothic fiction, I'd say, akin to maybe a Wilkie Collins novel. Great mystery, dark twists, lots of depth when it comes to characterization, and just generally a really, freaking good story line. Angel's Game is the prequel to Shadow of the Wind but I don't think it's necessary to read them in that order. Both have the dark story lines, both take place in Barcelona, and both have a book-lover theme entwined into the story line. Does that make sense? Well you don't have to be well read to get the story, anyways. I'm really wishing they had published more of his novels in English.

Well, seriously, go read this, come back, tell me what you think. Cause I need somebody to go all booknerd with me on this one.

Sometimes I am that cool.

Post Script-I will most definitely need to post up some quotes from this book soon. He has some awesome points on creativity that I need to share. And this would be a fantastic book from my bro in Philly. That right there says a lot about the quality of this book cause he hates fiction and will not read it voluntarily most of the time. He's all about needing to "learn something" when he reads. Pfff. Well The Angel's Game has a whole discussion in it about what makes a religion and why people believe in certain faiths. It's cool and sometimes beyond me. I like that occasionally. See, I'm kinda learning something. A bit of a step up from my usual Shopaholics style reading material. ;)

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