27 July 2009

Quarter-life...and GO!

Well here we are then. Right now, as I begin this post, it's about five minutes before I turn 25. I'm sitting here drinking a glass of Black Swan Shiraz Cabernet, wishing I could be hiding under my duvet for the duration of my birthday, maybe have a bit of a cry, watch Bridget Jones (which always cheers me up), possibly have a curry and pass out long before I think too much about what it means to be another year older.

It's not that I'm one of those people that think I'm so old at 25. Oh in front of others I like to whinge on about it, like I'm an old lady, for a laugh, but deep down I know I'm still young. What I'm quite upset about is that I don't feel I've accomplished much and I feel 25 is an age where I should have something about my life figured out. At least I should be moved out of my parents house by now well in my defense I'll be moved out on Saturday and off to adventures of poverty in D.C. (And for the record, living with my parents has been divine. They're 2 of my closest friends actually. They look after me and ignore me when I'm on a dramatic tailspin. They built me a very nice room in my own little apartment attached to our house. And it would all be very nice and perfect if only I could move this house and my entire family with me to a big city. Heaven right there.)

Another upset...I'm about to launch myself off into a huge city with no money, no savings and the scariest part....I have absolutely no idea about the theatre in D.C. Is it good? Easily accessible to people who want to be involved but need to have a 9-5 job in order to pay the bills? I haven't a clue. I, for once, have no connections and haven't heard anything about how the theatre community operates down there. Terrifying I tell you.

For the month of August I'll also have no immediate access to cable or the Internet. I've already decided to suss out a nice coffee shop with Internet just so I can blog...oh and search for a job. Yeah I'll be needing that to support my expensive wine habit. Now that I'm 25 I shall feel free to graduate to slightly more sophisticated brands than my usual two-buck-chuck red wine. Hello Rosemount!....wait...can I afford that?...ummmm, no, definitely not. I'll just stick with Yellowtail, Little Black Dress and Black Swan. Yeah me. I can feel the excitement of adulthood now.

Things that I feel need to be worked on in my 25th year:
1. GRAD SCHOOl for acting. I miss school terribly. There is nothing I love more than sitting with people who are possessed with the same passion and discussing the intricacies of the art form. Beautiful. And it needs to be in England. I miss it terribly and every time I visit, I feel just a bit more sad because I know that I'll never love a city more than I love London or feel as comfortable in any foreign country as much as I do mingling with the British. Does that make sense? No?....blame the wine...

2. French. I took 7 years of it. Can I speak a lick of it? Not really...well I am able to mumble a bit. I can read it a bit better than speaking it. I do feel like quite an idiot not knowing another language. And French has always been the one I've loved. I can watch French films for hours just listening to them speak.

3. Physical activity. I want to be one of those people that just loves exercise, honest I do. But since middle school, and the evil gym teachers that came with it, I've always had a mental block against most physical activity. Whenever I run I always expect someone to pop out at me and yell "faster, faster! there's no walking in gym!" I want to be a master at yoga and know a little bit of martial arts (since I was about 14 I've been a bit obsessed with both...blame it on my Buffy the Vampire Slayer obsession. Buffy did martial arts, Sarah did yoga.)

4. Jesus...this really could go on...let's just end this with boys. I'd like to have a relationship with a guy that's lasted longer than the one I have with my gay best friend. He's lovely but it is sad when you've been engaged to him on Facebook because you really don't want to display your relationship status. Ah well...

Yeah 25! And I've had one friend already text me well wishes...and my sister came running into my room, frightening me, in order to say Happy Birthday at midnight. Quite a nice start I'd say.


p.s. AND I got my first birthday gift from one of my brothers this weekend, the first two seasons of "The IT Crowd", which I ADORE. (I'd like to be friends with Moss, please and thank you.)


  1. Erin Breid AKA cocoanut ;)July 28, 2009 at 1:47 AM

    You seriously need to come to MN...Moss reminds me of my friend Adam. Big, curly black hair, computer nerd, same goofy facial expressions. Adam is less socially inept, though. Happy Birthday, again! I will drink wine with you from afar!

    PS I know life may seem scary, but I am somewhat envious of your freedom and bravery to pursue what you love. You can do anything you set your mind to!

  2. Thanks for the note Erin! Even though it has been years since I've seen you and about 11 years since I've lived by you, I still feel like we get on amazing well together :)

    I would love to visit MN and meet your friend Adam, and drink wine with you. We haven't drank any alcoholic bevie together, have we? Well if I go abroad to grad school next year I will have to make a trip out there to visit, because once I'm abroad I don't know when I'll come back...probably when they force me out ;)