17 May 2009

"This little piggy went to the market..."


So it is my mission in life...well current mission...to find fun things to do in Rochester while I live here.  I am not the biggest fan of Western New York because I am most definitely a big city girl and Rochester just isn't big city enough for me. One of the entertaining things I've found to do is visit the Rochester Public Market on Saturday mornings.  It's a fabulous place to people watch, buy cheap stuff (food, clothing, Prada knock-offs), and I'm pretty sure calories don't count here. 

Of the many delicious food items I scarf down, some of them include empanadas from the Empanada Stop and cheap/delicious steak tacos from that taco place that's there....does it even have a name? I'm not sure, but there's only one, so if you go to the market I'm sure you'll find it all on your own.

During the spring/summer season there are flower days at the market and almost half the stalls are people selling off all these beautiful flowers. I won't really know what to do with flowers so I just pass by and say "ohhh...ahhhh", nod appreciatively when necessary, and snap photos to share on my blog....as ya do.

Also a plus, all the shady dealers come out to sell their designer knock-off bags/glasses/wallets. Now I'm not usually a supporter of people that make money off stealing other peoples designs and good name, but hey, we're in a recession people.....and quite frankly as long as the product is pretty and makes me look good, I could care less what name is on the side.                             

When not in the mood to buy things....although I'm always in the mood, so really, when I don't have the money to buy things I always love to check out the variety of things sold at the different stalls. There's a honey stall that I always love to sample from, 
the fish stall that I would never sample from 
and the pig stall that, thanks to an Anthony Bourdain obsession, I always have to pass by and wonder if maybe today's the day I'll buy that pig head and figure out how to cook it.  This is an inclination that my family and friends do not share with me, weird huh?

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  1. I most certainly do not want to be invited over when you decide to try roasting a pig head! (or whatever it is you do with those things)