08 May 2009

First step: Admitting You Have A Problem

Problem: I love geeky, sci-fi movies.

There I said it...whew...what a relief. I just want you to know that was very hard for me. I've never been part of the sci-fi group of people, into all those aliens and creatures from outer space story lines. But man-oh-man, the past year or so I have really been getting into the genre.

I am getting in deep now, kids. I went to the opening night of Star Trek. We had to see the first showing of it in digital because we are just that cool. I was looking forward to snapping some shots of people in costumes to share with you today, but alas, only one person showed up in costume and it was co-worker of mine. She was geeking it out as well by attending the opening in digital.

Can I just say...even though I am by no means a Trekkie...it was a damn fine film. Very entertaining, great action scenes, a lot more funny than I anticipated and the actors...oh the actors...they were pretty, weren't they? I just loved Spock! And I truly respect whoever wrote this script because they made the hot chick in love with the nerdy/smart guy (Spock) instead of falling for the hot guy who acts like a jerk when hitting on her. Loved it!

I really think that if I had to be in any genre of movie, I really would need to choose sci-fi (slash comedy). They must have so much fun making those films.

Outside of watching popular sci-fi summer blockbusters....I do have to admit to you that I am a Whovian. I love Doctor Who. I have no idea why. Seriously, no idea.....well...okay...it might be because of David Tennent. I mean, you can't watch that show and not love him just a little.

My love of DW might also have a little bit to do with my ever obsessive love with anything and everything British. I've been "homesick" for England the past few years after I studied abroad in London...lame I know...I just can't seem to shake my intense interest in all things English.

About a year or two ago, BBC America started playing episodes of Doctor Who and since I watched everything on that station I got hooked pretty quick. I tend pick up on shows/books/any form of entertainment really that has a dorky sense of humor. While some people role their eyes at the one liners thinking "did he really just say that and expect me to find it funny" I am rolling on the floor, trying not to pee my pants. Really...it does not take much. As you can tell, I am a very mature person. Though don't say poop out loud or I'm done for....

....well......ahem....now that we've had that lovely TMI moment, I hope you still respect me in the morning.

Live long and prosper. I'm out. xx

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