04 May 2009

Monday Pick-Me-Up Tactics

When Mondays get me down....I have really cute socks to look at that perk me up. Thanks Primark. Yeah for striped socks!

Yes, this silly pic post is here in lieu of an actual post about the play that I just finished, my bad review that I got for it and how I do not portray a very believable lesbian apparently. Wow, see how much you have to look forward too? Are you excited? No?...well then just go right ahead and look at those freaking cute socks (and cute shoes! even if they are a bit scruffy...) I'm sure it will perk you right up.

Peace out. xx


  1. CUTE SOCKS!! :) Although there is something about the sock/shoe combo that is giving off a "wicked witch" vibe :P

  2. It does give off that vibe doesn't it? That makes me like it all the more ;)