09 February 2014

Weekend Fun Times

Whirlwind of too much fun this past weekend, and with all my favourite people no less. Just a peek of what I get up to when I'm not swallowed whole by drama rehearsals for school:

Me, Eliisa (flatmate extraordinaire), Eliisa's sister, Nina, and our neighbor, Jessica, had a ladies night out on Friday. We had some lovely prosecco over at Little Nan's Bar,

Little Nan's Living Room

which is probably the hippest joint I've seen in Deptford....ever. Honestly made me think I was visiting Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Definitely a place to check out and perfect for drinks before dinner. The prices and the cocktail list were both phenomenal and I need to go back to try a cocktail in a teapot.

We had some delicious gastropub food over at the Prince Albert in New Cross before me and Eliisa hung about for some bourbon (me) and wine (her) until the wee hours of the morning singing and dancing.

Bottle of Prosecco--CHEAPEST ever. Thanks Little Nan's!

Aww, sisters

The only single girl gets the glass saying "Gorgeous Bride". Thanks guys.
New discovery: bourbon hangovers...not that bad. Was feeling surprisingly good on Saturday. Of course it helped that I spent the rest of that day over in Hampton Court having a lunch day with some of the friends I've known the longest over here. I absolutely adore these women. I met them all during my first time studying abroad in London at Uni and I think part of my everlasting attachment to the UK has a lot to do with their friendship.

We've decided to make more of an effort to see each other. With Bex living in Hampton Court, me in drama school, Laura with her crazy work schedule and Olivia being the busy actress she is, we just have a hard time getting together. So once a month we get together at some one's house and have a luncheon. Bex hosted this first one...and she proceeded to set the bar very, very high. We had an amazing Spanish themed lunch with delicious appetizer's and paella for the main. There was Sangria, pink Cava and loads of Pino Grigio to go around.

We know how to lunch.

Chocolate pudding for dessert, I die.
I obsessed over Laura's hair as well and made her take a photo with me. Often times when we lived together at uni, when we'd go into shops or were out and about in London, some stranger would exclaim 'oh you must be sisters!' Laura would huff a bit and say 'no, she's American.' and I'd just laugh. But seeing her with her fringe freshly cut and some new colouring in her naturally ginger hair just made me see how good I'd look with that style. Can't do anything about it until my show is done. Gotta love it when you're playing a dude and you're not allowed to cut your very long, thick hair. I'm gonna be STYLIN' as a king (more on our devised show later).
Love her.
xx Lindsay

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