09 November 2013

Hot Toddy, Jameson, and the Pathetic Need to Cuddle: A Report

I am writing to you from the trenches. The sick person trenches.

Is this what it's like for normal people without fun lifelong diseases like Crohn's? I mean, normally, I am a tough beast when it comes to my disease (for the most part). I can handle my shit (take from that what you will). But what I'm going through now is ridiculous.

It's not even a real cold. It's like a baby cold. Teeny-tiny sore throat, bit tired, sneezy, grumpy, dopey, and a faucet for a nose. And I fully blame my classmates for this one. Everyone else was passing it around and I was sitting on my high throne, laughing. Thinking 'oh no, not me, I don't get colds. My body is too busy confused about what's going on in the Crohn's Department to pick up on anything else.' Surprise, surprise, that is FALSE, PEOPLE. I just haven't been a student for years and years. And of course, on a devised theatre course, one shares the food one is using to devise theatre. True story.
 Food from a devised theatre class...that we shared. No, Mom, we did not eat off the floor.

That is a lie. I ate the gummies off the floor.


Now I have a cold. A sore throat to start, but I just about nixed that in the bud with some British Medicine, AKA 'The Hot Toddy'. Best thing ever. Especially good cause I'm fighting off this weird, extreme need to cuddle. I honestly have no idea where that has come from. When I have Crohn's flare, I'm all like 'step the fuck back, loved ones. I will cut you.' But no, with a cold, I've got snot running down my face in the most attractive manner and I just wanna spoon.

Currently questioning my sanity.

So spooning with a Hot Toddy is working just fine for me, thanks. For the relative recipe I'm using, check out this Guardian article here. I have no cinnamon sticks, sadly. But am making due without. Double whiskey for me in this one and it is just opening my nasal cavities right up! Additionally, I feel a little drunk, so barely noticing the cold. Win! (Totally joking. Please, let's be real...I'm Irish, Scottish, and Brooklynish...we don't do tipsy after a double Jameson, we do 'awake and when do we really start drinking?'
Heating up lemon peel, oddly chopped ginger, and cloves.

1 1/2 tbl lemon juice, nutmeg, 2 tsp honey (not pictured, but giving you great responsibility to use your imagination on that one), and the Irish Holy Water--Jameson.

The finished product. Heaven on my throat. Why, yes, I'll spoon with you.
I almost took a picture of my waste basket overflowing with my magical tissue mountain, but I figured that was just excessive information from the trenches that you just didn't really need. You're welcome.

I'm hoping by Monday I can start singing 'I Will Survive' in my usual dulcet tones.

Until then, I'll be finishing this mini bottle of Jameson to help this mini cold and moping up my gooey snot. Who wants to cuddle?

Lindsay xx


  1. Crohn's stuff you learn to manage. Constant pain? You deal with it. Pooping once an hour? Psh, hardly a reason to call off work. But having a cold is EXHAUSTING, plus you're contagious and gross. I took two days off work a few weeks ago for my cold. Hot tea, ginger ale, and chicken noodle soup, plus a ton of sleep, cured me.

    1. Hear, hear! I've just been the biggest baby about this cold all weekend, it's ridiculous. But honey, lemon, and fresh ginger with hot water (and the Jameson) has been a lifesaver for me. Also being able to sleep this weekend. Of course I've now given the sleep up since it's back to school for me...silly Monday. I've almost completely kicked the cold expect for this annoying sneezing issue. Which isn't really an issue as it gives me my personal space back. (What is it about moving abroad that just seems to mean you sign over your personal space? Future blog post: Why does everyone need to be close enough to share my breath?)