26 September 2013

3 Days Till London

Apparently, I only have three days till my feet are touching British soil. *Cue freak out*

It doesn't feel like it all. And you wouldn't guess it from the amount of packing/cleaning/organizing I've done.....read: none.

With all the stress of actually getting everything done for grad school in England, my brain is not fully accepting that I will be moving soon. There will probably be some frantic packing Saturday. I hope.

Update: I finally got my CAS number on Friday. Frantically filled out paperwork and sent my goods off to A Briggs, a company recommended to me by another blogger, who has been STELLAR in giving me advice and reassuring me along this whole process. If there's any reason to get into blogging, even if nobody reads your blog, it's to find yourself a community of people that know what you're going through.

The A Briggs company takes 2-3 processing days though...which means that the process shouldn't be done till Friday, as they received my package on Monday. (Additional Update: Just this morning I noticed they changed the DEO-Date Expected Out, to today...don't know if that means something wrong with my application, or it's fine and will be sent soon?) This could all mean there may be a chance I won't have my visa till Monday morning....and that means I would have to pay a ton of money to change my flight from Sunday to Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm trying to be okay with this possibility. School workshop is next Saturday and first day of school and registration is Monday 7 October. Getting there just in time for school is okay. I don't need to be there early (but I wanna!) I just need to be there on time.

So as you can see...everything should work out. Just at the very last minute.

Just yesterday I accepted a room at a flat in the absolute, most perfect location ever. Right in Greenwich. I can go running in the park! Once my damn plantar faciitis heals that is.....grrr.

The location is very near transportation that will only take me 30 minutes to get to school by train, if I don't get a bike. I'll also be quite close to my good friend Laura, who actually went to view the flat for me. The woman who lives there and is renting out her other two rooms is absolutely lovely and Skyped with me on Monday. I get a great vibe from her. Location and who I'm living with is most important to me. Only downsides is the room is quite tiny, as it is a single, and I can't move in till the 9th. And these are small things that aren't really that big of a deal.

Outside of these recent developments, I've been trying to go without coffee or my black tea in order to decrease my caffeine consumption. The goal of all this is so that when I finally land in London and I'm completely wrecked because I absolutely cannot sleep on planes and I'm hit with mega jet lag, I'll have coffee or black tea and the caffeine will work properly for me. Yes, I am such a caffeine addict that I don't very often feel the effects of drinking coffee. It helps me get out of bed, but I'm still fairly tired by afternoon (but then again, I'm almost always anemic as well...)

Point of that story is that me and caffeine are not meant to be separated. Hello caffeine withdrawals. A little coffee is better than no coffee and my body does not recognize green tea as a valid form of caffeine. As a result of four days without the sweet nectar of gods, I've been snacking like a mad woman. For shame. Too much sugar makes me even crankier. I've found just about any little thing to get irritated with and I'm afraid that my family just doesn't know what to do with me in this mind frame. (Usually they just throw sugary goodness my way and scamper. Good call.)
Trader Joe Mango Fruit and Yogurt Gummies. I could eat the whole package in one go. Thank goodness the gelatin just weighs you down eventually. 
Don't worry innocent bystanders, I'm back on coffee now and no longer want to hurt anyone. Win. And as usual, when I get back on the wagon, I go all out.
Turkish coffee. After this, I was like 'I CAN SEE SOUNDS!' Life got jacked. And I felt I could run a marathon after that. 
I do have to say though, with all of my stressful stuff going on it helps that I have my little sister around constantly. I can be insanely goofy around her, and being goofy somehow helps relive my stress. We had a date night last night. Fancy dinner and then went and saw 'Austenland'. Which I have to say was hysterical. I really enjoyed it. Lovely chick flick. And it was interesting to find later that quite a few of the British characters were American in real life, and a few American characters were actually...Scottish.
Recent sister photo. We both have bangs now! Welcome to the Fringe Club, Lauren. Yes that is what I'm calling it, and I'm cool because of it.

John Mayer Concert in August. 
SO EXCITED. Also we could only consume one of those beers. And we wanted to sit a lot till John came on. Clearly...getting older.
Lindsay xx


  1. So exciting!!!! I can't wait to read all about your English adventures.

    1. Thanks Belle! I can't wait to have those adventures...once I get my damn visa....*sigh*