10 February 2013

Snapshot: Cozy Comforts of a Sunday

Plan were made. Early mass at 8:30am, beginners yoga at 10:30am, filling and rewarding Chipotle burrito for lunch, off to see Argo with a free movie pass, and then on to hang out with my family at my brother's house. Maybe some reading in the evening before bed. Funny how we make so many plans, even for a day of rest.

That was my day of rest plan...but Sunday has a funny way of sneaking up on you. Snow packed grounds and nippy air outside the sun streamed window. The enveloping hug of the duvet that protects you from the chill. Just enough coffee to be happy and sociable but not enough to fight the lure of snuggling in bed with a book.

My itinerary slowly dropped bit by bit, like the ice melting from the house...drip, drop, plop.

8:15, should get ready to go to mass....Ash Wednesday is this week. Should start going again. Say hello to all the other lapsed Catholics. Shakespeare Uncovered on the tv, fresh second cup of coffee, very cold outside the window I perceive....there goes mass. Drip.

Parents and sister awaken and we all convene in my parents room, sit, chat. Laugh at lame jokes, read the news. No talk of the week ahead. Worries aren't allowed. It's Sunday. Chill. Dad heads downstairs to start up some chocolate chip pancakes, but I have yoga class to head to. Dad puts on some sausage and Mom, raised eyebrows, says "you're not joining us?" No go yoga. Drop.

Cozy up to my bed in a chocolate and coffee haze. Bright and gorgeous in my purple and white, stretch of a room. Wish I could capture it on my iPhone. But it's not meant to be captured. Snooze a bit off and on and set an alarm for burrito and movie. Pick up my "Londoners" book and read a bit. Do I really crave a burrito or am I mentally still recalling my craving from yesterday after my run? Do I feel like going to a movie alone right now when reading in my cozy, sunlit room is so comforting? This moment is a sensory memory I want to preserve for another time. Plop.

Not sure how my other plans will go. Family time presides on Sundays. Got on my snug knit socks with the aloe infused lining. Fit just nicely in my boots to head to brother and sis-in-laws house. Light lunch, small bowl, warm gf pasta with some roasted veg coated in a balsamic glaze, feta melted, and basil lightly tossed in. Comforting.

The only concerns for the rest of the afternoon and evening are "can I have another home-brewed beer bro?" and "what's for dinner?" Transferring from day clothes to sweats, which book to read and what to watch before bed.

Grateful for a Sunday such as this one.

L xx

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