09 February 2013

Film Acting Superfuntimes

I don't remember who I stole this from. But one of the crew put it on their FB page. Thanks dude.

I feel like I should give a little update on the whole acting thing. I started this blog to profess my love for all things British, silly and dramatic, but don't ever provide any of the actual created drama...instead I litter the web pages with all my mental dramas.

Aren't you so lucky?

I've done a few things to make January a truly fantastic month and wonderful start to 2013. I participated in a film short, an AWARD WINNING film short, and I survived URTA. And kind of enjoyed it.

Guys...I say the latter and I'm not even drunk. (Any actor who's done URTA to attempt to get into grad school knows where I'm coming from.)

First, the film short. I hopped on to that project after a friend posted on Facebook about needing actors for the Rochester Movie Makers 72 Hour Mind to Movie Challenge. They got their person/place/premise and then had 72 hours to write a script, include original music (or music given by permission I think), and film/edit the whole thing. I volunteered to help out...though I've never done screen work before, and it was such a freaking blast.
(Picture credited to Matt DeTurk...yes I stole it from your Facebook and I will someday learn how to properly credit a photo back to it's original source. Today is not that day. I'm hungry and need to leave soon.)

The producers of the project, Matt, Adam and Katie, are my new favorite people. And I'm not just saying that cause I live at home with my parents and don't get out much. PROMISE. They're super creative and really funny people. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time (and there was NO booze involved, winning) so it was quite the good time. The whole script is quite pun-y, so obviously right up my alley. The filming is done so completely different than what I'm used to in theatre that it was  definitely a learning experience.

I can't say I love my acting in it. Though for this type of project, you can't really learn lines and delve into character background. We did a read through on a Friday night and we shot all day on a Saturday. We did each little bit piece by piece and didn't go in order. The whole movie can only be five minutes long, but it certainly took all day to make. I would definitely love to try out this kind of thing again. Hopefully, if I get into grad school I'll be able to take some classes on screen work and get better in that kind of medium.

This project, if anything, showed me how important a director and a script are to film. Listening to all the directors talk about their projects at the screening was immensely enlightening to the film making process (btw, if you're in the Rochester, NY area, I HIGHLY suggest going to the screening, even if you're not involved, just to see other creative projects made locally). I can see now that my acting, in just a five minute span doesn't really matter much unless there is a good director behind the camera and a great script. We had both of those and came in second place. So freaking proud of the team that made this film. Check it out below:
*Fun fact: the hay scene was done inside of Matt and Adam's kitchen. We missed out on doing it outside because the sun went down, so they dumped a full bale of hay in their kitchen just to get that joke in. These are the kinds of people I want to hang out with all the time. The kinds of people that will DUMP HAY IN THEIR KITCHEN for a joke. Baller.
(Picture credited to Matt DeTurk)

Though I obviously have critiques for myself...dude, what is up with my hair? (Just so you know, that's pretty much how I always wear it...with half of it falling out of my clip...so it was quite a true to life picture) I can say that my Mom loved it. So I don't really care what anybody else says, if my Mom likes it, then I can rest easy that I didn't embarrass myself. I win, guys, I win. I want a gold star and a brownie.

*Another fun fact: This is should come as no surprise, but I got real excited about doing this project after Matt said he was going to pay me in pizza. Embarrassing fact about me...I will work for good pizza.
(Picture credited to Matt DeTurk)

I will have to save URTA for another post as now I am off to dinner at a Hibachi place for the first time ever, and then to see "Identity Thief". Now Melissa McCarthy is definitely someone I idolize in the film world...her, Rebel Wilson and Catherine Tate. Comedic genius'.

L xx


  1. Love this, Linds! I am so stinkin' proud of you! :)

  2. Thanks lovely! Can't wait to see you this weekend!!! xx