18 March 2012

Week Recap

Just a few photos to recap my week:

Thursday was the Ides of March and thus "Ides of March-aritas" holiday was created...I love my Shakespearean co-workers. Best idea ever.
Saturday was St Paddy's Day. Ahhh St Patrick's day. One of my favorite holidays...I love all the green, I love that everyone wants to have corned beef and cabbage, and my only compliant are the people that get all hoity-toity about the day saying "no, this really is MY holiday because I really am Irish" to which I respond..."that's so weird, because your Irish accent sounds American. Oh that's right...that's because you are an AMERICAN born in AMERICA..not Ireland." Just keep the day light, ya'll...it's a holiday where everyone is Irish so get over yourself.

On that same note, one of the biggest complaints I always got from my British friends were about how they thought it was so weird that Americans always said "well I'm Irish/Scottish/English" as a way to say that at some point in our genealogical line, some long dead relative was born there...but the British...they don't really do that and find it weird that we do. I chalk it up to the fact that our country was born out of people coming from all over and we want a way of identifying with a country and a culture of people much older than this country we were born in. I'm sure there are many articles out there that put this much more eloquently then I can...

I celebrated the day by starting out with an Irish breakfast..gotta love Irish sausage and some blood pudding. Yum!
There was a glass or two of Guinness later in the day, but then I got to work at a classical music concert and missed the gorgeous day that we were graced with here in DC. On the up side, riding the metro home at midnight was great because everyone had been drinking so much earlier in the day that there was nobody going home that late. It's the little things that make me happy...

And just to end the post on the BEST NOTE EVER.....
Coming soon......
My London vacation starts this week. Two weeks in the country that holds my heart.
So excited.

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