25 November 2011


What I've been up to lately... a story told in hazy, poor quality food porn photos...

I'm trying the Paleo diet! And discovering that local sage sausage, with sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes, and poached eggs are too much flavor on one plate...

Oh wait....sushi isn't Paleo because they don't consume soy or rice...? Well shit, screw that, I want my salmon & avocado rolls...addicted.

Also not Paleo....but it's the holiday's so it's allowed. Delicious vegan pumpkin cheesecake and the best coffee in town, thank you Sticky Fingers. You are my non-dairy mecca.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Home with the fam and very thankful that due to some awesome drugs, I can consume dairy in a moderate amount....so of course my plate is 90% dairy infused. Exempting the turkey, cranberry sauce and the pickle....I think.
And since I'm at home, must indulge in Dinosaur BBQ...1/4 rack of ribs and you're just fat, 1/2 rack of ribs and you are the VICTOR. Also...I almost cried over their sweet potato and bacon mash.
Not quite the end of my holiday weekend but capping my night off with a copy of the BBC America Holiday Shopping Guide ("and Mom, I want this, and this, and THIS!") some icebox cookies (ALL DAIRY BABY) and some wine. Good times.
I never really understood the word "diet".

Happy Thanksgiving! xo

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