22 May 2014

Corporate Acting Gigs...and Why I Am OK Being Paid in Food

One of the many delightful ways to earn some money as an actor is the ever interesting Corporate Acting Gig. 

Not actually what it's called, I think, but that's just what I decided.

I heard about these things from my friend Raven back in DC when she regaled me with tales of working at training facilities where an actor is hired to play an abused child (because clearly getting a real one would be absolutely NOT okay) in order to have a doctor train how to properly question a patient (this is just one example of the different parts you'd play). There's also jobs out there of the same thread but with law enforcement.

And then there's the odd ball gig. This is what I did about a month ago now. 

My friend's partner does a lot of stuff for events at a big hotel in London and for this particular event he needed to hire some actors. To sit in a hotel room to make it feel more homey....for three hours....while tourist agents came in to have a look.

Yup. Totally a gig. 

Are you jealous yet? Do you totally want to ditch your career and sign up for the bohemian chic actor lifestyle?

Well don't quite yet. We weren't able to get paid in cash for this gig but we were offered to be paid in a free ticket to the party afterwards...with free food and free wine.

So, duh. That's, like, my favourite thing ever...I mean, after money, of course.

This particular event was put on by Thistle at Marble Arch and boy do they know how to throw an event.

My cohorts and me at the after party. Brazil World Cup themed. 
First, the actual job.

I didn't think to take a picture in the hotel room, but I should have. The room we were in was actually really swank and lovely. Me and a fellow actor, Mark, were requested to bring a packed bag to make the situation seem more real. So I brought a few things and hung out barefoot in the room, with the tv on, chatting with Mark about my London food obsessions.

See, if we hang out in real life, guys, that's how riveting my conversation gets. FOOD.

The dessert selection was ON POINT.
The event that was organised involved bringing tourist agents around to see the different room options. A pretty good idea in my opinion. If you're gonna be selling people on this place, you should know what you're selling.

It was pretty hysterical to see the reactions to us being in the room. First the guide would warn people, 'don't mind the actors'. Which confused us as much as it made us laugh. 'Hi, we're the actors, feel free to ignore us!'

Then they stopped doing that and people would walk in and almost always say 'Oops! Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone would be in here. Umm...are you enjoying your stay?' or my favourite 'I hope they're paying you to let us into your room, that was nice of you!' All the tourist agents were delightful people with a great sense of humour for such a unique situation. I do wonder if other hotels have done this. I think it was a great idea.

After we were done, we were invited to take our fill at the party. And boy did we. You really need to be comfortable offering a bunch of students/actors free food and drink. We definitely consumed our pays worth. I basically just camped out at the station with the STEAK and YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS.

Dear Thistle,

Feel free to hire me again if you're paying in Yorkshire Puddings.

Kind regards,

P.S. I'm serious.

They had a mariachi band walking around at drunk o'clock part of the night. Good idea, guys.

The room the party was in was masterfully decked out.

This is my 'HOW FANCY IS THIS BATHROOM?!' photo.

And the best way to end the night....free cupcakes in a carrier box on our way out.
Blue Cupcake. Not sure of flavour, but it was delicious...and blue. 
As a thank you, they also have offered us a free afternoon tea on a day of our choosing with whomever we want to attend.

Guys, it's like they just knew what my heart wanted.

Or my stomach.


**Thistle Hotel in no way asked me to write this post. This was just an interesting experience I had, and enjoyed and didn't mind writing about their fabulousness. All opinions are my own. 


  1. The desserts look absolutely ace. I've worked for free so I'd definitely work for food! x

    1. Yeah, it was such a silly, fun thing to do. It was happy to fed well! I'm a sucker for desserts and a party! x