08 October 2011

Pictures from Home

Just a few pictures from the weekend so far:

As soon as I got home from the 6 hour drive from DC on Wednesday night, this is what I was greeted with....

Salmon Run Riesling and their Chardonnay Riesling...nobody does better Riesling than the Finger Lake Region. NOBODY. Not even Germany.

While I was enjoying the wine with my parents, it soon became apparent that the crazies felt comfortable coming out of the wood work and making their appearance. Or as I like to call it...stalking.
This is Maurice. He is my sister's cat. He wants whatever you are consuming. Even if it's wine. Especially if it's wine. This is definitely a wine household. And more proof of that....

Having some red wine at my favorite Irish Pub in alllllll of New York State. O'Lacy's Irish Pub in Batavia, NY. I love them so much I threw caution to the wind and ate dairy. Because you can't go to O'Lacy's and not have their honey mustard chip dip. Oh and there is definitely dairy in that. But I was already kind of drunk off of two glasses (ahem, I mean goblets) of red wine, so the impending doom surrounding my ill fated choices was no match for my appetite. I had their beef stew for my dinner and it was sooooooo creamy, so delicious, I could only eat a few bites of it. (Then again that may be because I had started the meal with dairy and the bloat may have set in...though again, I was kind of tipsy at that point so it didn't matter much :P)

Today I'm just chillaxin' with the mountain dogs. Oh you haven't heard of them, have you? Yes we have wanna-be mountain dogs in the house. They practice climbing and protecting their castle on an hourly basis....
Outside of screeching at them to get down, I've got nothing planned but relaxing....oh and visiting the best wine shop ever and stocking up. And drinking apple cider made by local farms. And reading. It's good to be home. Now I need to go distract my mother, who is sorely disappointed that there is no police blotter in this weeks Pennysaver....she reads it every week so she regal me with stories later about which one of my high school classes mates has been arrested and what stupid thing they did to get themselves incarcerated.

Ahhh home. Not much changes.

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