28 July 2011


Yes. It is that infamous time of year again. It just keeps coming round and I am grateful for it. It's my BIRTHDAY! July 28th could, quite possibly be, my most favorite day of the year. A day when I only get a slight eyebrow raise over the fact that I make everything about me, instead of the usual scoff and under-breath comments about being an egotistical, self-involved brat. (Actually, no one has actually said that, but I've seen the thought play out on my brothers' face on several occasions.)

I'd like to think that with each year that passes I grow and mature into an intelligent, compassionate, graceful, beautiful, amazing young woman......

But really, the facts are this....I really haven't changed that much over the years. You can clearly see from the following photos that I really haven't changed that much at all.

I still have an affinity for spoons.

I am still aware that if something is really, really, ridiculously delicious and made of chocolate...then playa, shit bout to get REAL...nom nom nom....
I will ALWAYS be a pretty, pretty princess.....uhhhh I mean, a small child who dresses in the colors of the rainbow, possesses magical powers, and has the ability to ride a majestic white horse off into the sunset. So in other words, deep down inside, I am a gay man. Thanks Rainbow Brite for showing me the way....to excellent fashion taste and an attitude that says "YES I am wearing all the colors of the rainbow and I don't match. I have cute hair, damnit, and you will RESPECT me."
And finally....I still make good hair choices that will invite people to come talk to me, therefore creating an opportunity to make new friends.

What? You don't do that with your hair??

Yes. I feel "25 and change" will be a good year for me. Getting older means I can rationalize champagne for breakfast (IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!)...as well as being full aware that I'll need a Prilosec later, after the champagne and the full English breakfast I decided to make myself. I'm an adult. This is how it goes.

Finally...I would like to thank my parents on this momentous occasion....

thanks Mom and Dad for giving the world 27 years of AWESOME. I come from good stock, people.

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