18 February 2011

Hours from London

Normally, being only hours from London (I depart DC Sunday night and arrive in London on Monday morning), I would be in a state of over excitement that would require me to be on no drugs. It would normally appear that I was cracked out on caffeine without actually consuming any caffeinated beverages. Unfortunately, I haven't actually gotten a full nights rest in the past week and have been working like a mad woman because I'm suddenly afraid that everything at work will FALL APART in my absence.

Now, clarification. I work in the front-of-house of a prominent DC theatre. If you know theatre hierarchy you will know that I am a low rung on the ladder of the company. However, if something goes wrong, even if it's a super tiny problem, in the front-of-house at the theatre...EVERYONE will comment on it. It's made me extremely anal about things like toilet paper (pun intended) and whether or not we're providing liquid creamer as opposed to powdered creamer at the coffee bar. So the fact that I will be absent and hard to reach for 10 whole days away from my beloved theatre has me in a panic.

I'm trying to mentally prepare myself to not think about work while I'm in London. Of course, my uber awesome and amazing father has provided me with his international blackberry so I can still be connected through email. I've made sure to tell a very small amount of people this information so I'm not constantly working while in London.

Oh God...I'm going to London.

In other news (revolving around London, of course...it's the only reason for this blog people), I am going to be pretty poor while there and I'm excited about it. Saturday I'm going to research cheap eats and things to do around the city. I'm already familiar enough with London to have a partial list in my head of places to re-visit and my fav cheap eats. But I can't wait to blog about it later for your benefit (don't roll your eyes, you. will. love. it. If you don't....dude...go away). I will also be bringing along my Flip camera and will hopefully record some good stuff to re-post later.


That is all.


  1. I'm psyched to read your list of cheap things to do in London-towne! Perhaps I will generate one for NYC living...

  2. A NYC list would definitely be something I would read. I'll be visiting my little sister a lot in NYC this summer as she just got a job with a publishing company there, and I have no money to do fancy money costing things ;)